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Being charged with a crime is disorienting and confusing — you are immediately forced into an unfamiliar world where the stakes are high and your freedom is at risk.

However, by working with Torres Law Office, you can find some peace of mind.  J. Anthony Torres 24 years of experience defending criminal cases in both state and federal courts.  During that time period, Torres Law Office has achieved an unprecedented level of success.


The Torres Law Office will defend your rights against charges of  murder or other violent crimes, sexual misconduct/assault , and other sex crimes, drug crimes,  federal crimes,  internet crimes, juvenile crimeswhite collar crimes, assault, theft, vehicle/property forfeitures, DUI, and  traffic violations . Torres Law Office will also defend you against charges such as traffic violations, vehicle and property forfeitures, internet crimes, federal crimes, white collar crimes, and much more. Whatever the allegation, Torres Law Office has the experience to provide the legal know-how to best defend you.

Torres Law Office has handled thousands of cases and has experience representing clients in both federal and state courts,  providing experienced, quality representation to clients in a non-judgmental and supportive way.


Many crimes consist of very severe penalties. Some low level misdemeanors may consist of simple fines,  while other  higher end charges may entail possible incarceration and a fine.

The more violent crimes may result in many years in a prison.  Federal court rules and penalites are much different than state court rules, and in many instances, the penalities may be much harsher in federal court. J. Anthony Torres is an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer with many years of practice and experience in the Federal Court system and thoroughly understands the complexities of charges brought in federal court. Torres Law Office will take you step by step through the legal process so that you understand the nuances of the Federal Court system and the charges you may be facing.

Torres Law Office has extensive experience in federal drug cases, conspiracy, wiretap, white collar crimes, weapons charges, and other federal offenses to best protect your constitutional rights in both federal and state courts.


Torres Law Office offers a non-judgmental, supportive environment for each of our clients, understanding that being arrested for or charged with a crime will often be a traumatic, unnerving experience for you and your family memebers.  If you find yourself or a family member in need of an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer to represent you and fight for your rights in the Twin Cities area, call  J. Anthony Torres today at (612) 861-4926.