Minnesota Assault Attorney & Defense Lawyer

Assault is a crime of violence against another person.  In Minnesota, the way the crime is prosecuted depends on the relationship between the victim and the accused and the severity of the injury.

There are six major categories, or degrees, of assault: First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree, Fourth Degree, Fifth Degree, and Domestic Assault.

Degrees of Assault

The different degrees of assault come with different punishments. The more severe the degree, (1st degree being the most severe), the tougher the sentence.  Here is an explanation of each degree:

  • First Degree Assault – When an individual inflicts severe bodily harm against a peace officer or deadly force while they are in the line of duty is guilty of First Degree.
  • Second Degree Assault – An individual is assaulted with a dangerous weapon and substantial bodily harm occurs as a result.
  • Third Degree Assault – Substantial bodily harm is inflicted, or a child has been assaulted or there is a pattern of assaultive behavior upon a child.
  • Fourth Degree Assault – When a firefighter, peace officer, emergency room nurse or doctor, correctional officer, natural resource employee, or security officer is assaulted.
  • Fifth Degree Assault – An act is committed that causes fear in another or bodily harm or death, or an attempt to inflict or the infliction of bodily harm.
  • Domestic Assault – When an act is committed that causes fear in a family member or bodily injury or death, and/or the intentional infliction of bodily harm.

To determine the degree, all evidence in the case is evaluated by the prosecution in order to charge you with the crime.

Consequences of Assault

The consequences of Minnesota assault can be rather stiff depending on how many prior complaints or convictions are on record.  The extent of the injury is also a factor.  If the victim was killed, then prison time will likely be the result; otherwise the punishment may consist of jail time, fines, or an order for protection to restrict contact between you and the victim.

When you’ve been charged with assault, you need a Minnesota assault lawyer to help you in your case.  If you do not utilize legal services, then you risk the worst possible outcome.  Because an assault conviction can cause you to lose your job, the ability to find a new one, and even find a new place to live or go to school, you need good results.

Minnesota Assault Lawyer

When you hire a Minneapolis assault defense attorney, there are a number of things you get.  The first is the fact that you have an attorney who can make the legal system work for you rather than against you.  Although you may be guilty, the idea is to keep the crime from ruining your life.  Although you may have committed assault one time or in the past, doesn’t mean that you will continue to do so.

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