To be sure, there are many serious crimes that an individual can face, such as Kidnapping; Assault in the First Degree; Criminal Sexual Conduct.  But no crime or allegation carries the same weight, or even consequences of a charge of Murder.  When an individual is charged with taking a life, they face the ultimate test of society and the court system.  The standard of Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt is turned upside down.  Few lawyers in Minnesota have the experience to tackle a high end Murder case and try it successfully.  The Torres Law Office not only has the experience and time tested track record, but has been successful in defending Murder cases to a Not-Guilty verdict consistently over the past 24 years.

J. Anthony Torres has been so successful at defending Murder cases that he once got Not-Guilty verdicts on the same defendant on two different Murder cases within three months of each other.  State of Minnesota v Raymond Russette (January 1998, March 1998).  He also obtained a Not-Guilty verdict on one of Minnesota’s most highly publicized and notorious murder cases, State of Minnesota v Robert Guevara.  In 2009, Mr. Torres was named among the top five most famous trial lawyers in Minnesota history.  (Minnesota Historical Publications.)

Understanding the charge of Murder is to understand the different severity levels for which one can be charged.

Murder in the First Degree

When an individual is charged and convicted of this charge, the consequences are severe.  A conviction calls for a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  This is the ultimate sentence in the State of Minnesota.

Murder in the Second Degree

If an individual is charged and convicted of this charge, he or she would face a minimum of 25 years of incarceration with the Department of Corrections.  If one were to have prior felony convictions, or substantial amounts of misdemeanor units, that 25 year sentence could be extended to several more years.  Minnesota statute does allow for one third off their sentence for good time, assuming one does not lose it for poor behavior.

Murder without Intent

When an individual is convicted of this charge, it was agreed by the Judge or Jury that the individual did not intend to cause the death of another.  After having come to that conclusion, the severity of the consequences is greatly reduced by one half.  For example, the crime generally, depending on the charge and prior criminal history points that one may have, would carry a penalty of 12 years in prison.  Again, one would be entitled to one third off of their sentence for good time.

 Murder in the Third Degree

When an individual is charged and convicted of this crime, it is determined that the individual caused the death of another by causing an act so eminently dangerous to others that he was said to portray a depraved mind, without regard for human life.  In such a case, one could be sentenced to not more than 25 years in prison.

Lesser Crimes

In addition to these noted degrees of charges stemming from the death of another individual, the State of Minnesota provides for additional lesser Murder charges such as Manslaughter in the First Degree; Manslaughter in the Second Degree and Criminal Vehicular Homicide.  Very few law firms or lawyers in the State of Minnesota possess the breadth of knowledge, experience and success at defending the serious charge of Murder.  Torres Law Office has the lawyers and experience that will bring you the peace of mind to know that you are being defended by one of the best lawyers in the State of Minnesota.

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